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Close your eyes coffee

As I took the ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia last month, all I could think about was a single cup of coffee that I would soon be drinking in Halifax. And this isn't any cup of coffee. No, I'm talking about coffee that is so damn good that it commands you to drink it with your eyes closed.

When I visited Halifax three years ago, I stayed in the Halifax Backpackers hostel. It was a nice and inexpensive place with a little cafe attached to it. I ordered that fateful first cup one morning and from there, I was hooked. Since then, no other cup of coffee has been able to compare to the coffee I drank there. There have been some that have come close, but none have been able to capture the same kind of sensual warmness that just makes you sigh.

Unfortunately, bike repairs and the website downage kept me in New Glasgow for a few days, so I wasn't able to go into Halifax for my long lost love, but Kylie kindly brought me back a small bag of coffee beans from the hostel. As soon as I returned to Waterloo, I immediately bought a coffee grinder and my god, before I knew it, my entire house was filled with the aroma of ... beautiful.

And that's not all. Mere half and half cream won't do. No, I crave the richness that 18% cream can provide. And who knows, maybe one day I'll go for broke and try 35% whipping cream, but I might die from the pleasure. I can't wait for winter, if only for the moments when I will get in from a really cold day and enjoy a wonderful hot cup of coffee.

If you've never tried grinding your own beans before, please give it a try, but I have to warn you-- it'll ruin you for other coffees. They'll never taste the same again. In the past week, I have found myself grinding and brewing at all hours of the day, simply because it tastes so remarkably good. If you're in the area and would like to join me for a cup, please do leave a comment or email me. I'd only be more than happy to share.

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When will the archives be up? Still so many unanswered questions.....


If I were in the area...I would so join you. Self Grinded coffee is the best ever, I do agree. I do have to say, I am never the one to sit and do that myself but I more then willing love to enjoy it. Hope your coffee is great.

And is this the coffee that you offered me when I was walking home in the rain the other day? Touched!

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