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The letter from Antarctica

Last week, I received a letter in the mail with familiar handwriting on the envelope. It was my own. I vaguely remembered writing a letter to myself last year while sailing back to Argentina from Antarctica. Writing a letter to yourself is an activity that is often found in many programs ranging from summer camps to personal development seminars. It helps to put things in perspective and to reflect on where you have come from and where you have gone.

As I unfolded the sheet of paper inside, a $20 bill fell out. I have been writing letters to myself for about 10 years and each time, I enclose some money. You often forget about the letter and when you have $20 randomly arrive in your mailbox amidst all the bills, it's something to make you smile.

Dear Jason,

You are currently going across the Drake Passage and trying hard not to be sick. But this is all part of the epic adventure, right? The trials and tribulations that must be endured and suffered before the great reward may be found. I went to Antarctica and lost many material things. About the only thing I did find was myself. I found myself not so cynical and and reinspired about what is possible in this world. As I stood gazing over the Antarctic wilderness, I felt part of something. More connected to the Earth than I have been before. This was a reminder that anything is possible. That dreams count for something and that if you only hold onto them, they may one day be fulfilled.

The universe conspires with us to unite us with our innermost desires.

What's next? Biking across Canada. By the time I receive this letter, I want to have biked across Canada and fulfilled another dream. I've met some truly amazing people on this expedition. People both young and hold who are passionate about what they do and refuse to accept the status quo. Crazy people who believe they can change the world, because they will.

Remember the feelings you experienced. How, at times, you were moved to tears by the sheer beauty of everything. The beauty of Antarctica, of people, and of life itself.

What is the value of dreamers? Those whose heads are not in this world, but one that exists only in their minds. A vision of something better. They see possibilities. The world is one to shape and change, not simply a place to live, make money, and die. It's time to reassess my life dreams and never to give up on them.

Continue to teach. Get that PhD one day. Start something big. Something influential. Write a book. Live. Love. Laugh.

Live long. Love deeply. Laugh loudly.

Take Care.

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You know, of all the assignments I was given at school (or camp or in an extracurricular activity), they never asked me to write a letter to myself.

I think I need to, some days. There are some things I need to be reminded of.


I have the most amazing big brother in the world! :D

thanks for sharing that jason.
for real.


Wow, what an amazing idea. A timestamp, mailed to ourselves, reminding us of how far one has gone. I bet not everyone is as insightful and self-aware though, so it must not be an easy exercise to all.


I'm proud of you Shimmy, and must say, you've been an inspiration to me. I just wanted you to know that.

I think I should write a letter to myself soon :)

hey jason, i'm going to be studying in paderno del grappa, italy next semester. so i've started up a blog:

not much there yet, but keep an eye out!
(my website hosting company completely died, and now I have no hosting :/ , so i'm just gonna stick with blogger+flickr+videogoogle)

How do you make sure it takes a long time to get to you? In other words, how do you fix it so that enough time elapses between sending the letter and your receiving it that you forget you sent the letter? Do you give it to someone to drop in the mail for you? (What an exercise in trust, if so!)

In English class my senior year of high school, one of the assignments was to write a letter to yourself in ten years. My teacher promised to send them to us at that time. She made us put three stamps on it to compensate for the inflation of postage, and my parents' address didn't change during that time, and still hasn't. Did she send it? HELL no. I still resent it.

I suppose it's always possible that my parents intercepted the letter and chose not to give it to me, but I just don't think they'd do that.

Yee Yee:

That was so well written Jason...

hey, just wondering how you found my post? was it through technorati?

Which leads me to a question all the time. What does it take to make a dream not worth chasing? Is any dream unrealistic?

What if you dream of raping all the woman in the world? Right away, we know it's impossible, but where's the thin line?


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Get cracking!! :)

Happy holidays, Jason, and all the best for 2007!


"The universe conspires with us to unite us with our innermost desires." I think I know where that may have come from...maybe! :D Have great day!

Oh, that's the most amazing/wonderful thing. Thank you for sharing, Jason.


Beginning to wonder if you fell off the face of the earth? LOL. Just Kidding.

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