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When the headache sets in, I know it's been a good night...

My posts here are still sporadic because I really can't find the words that I'm looking for. I haven't been sleeping much lately. At first, it started off just staying up late into the night browsing the internet and absorbing news articles and blogs. But then I found myself pushing my physical limits more frequently and staying up because after a few hours of total silence, something happens.

Everything is still for a really long time, and then suddenly, my mind starts racing. I lay on my bed and just let it wander, touching upon everything from total absurdities to utter seriousness. It's as close as I can get to a waking dream, just thinking about all the possibilities in every aspect of my life. Oftentimes, there are reflections on business ideas or new inventions, but in the last few days, my thoughts have just been simple meditations on my life. I've been asking myself how I fit into this world. How do I look beyond making money and really create or contribute something of value to this world?

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